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One time someone asked me to explain the gospel to them and, in retrospect, I didn’t do the best job. I rightly told them all about how we are sinners in need of rescuing, that we can’t save ourselves because we are more sinful than we realize, etc. and that if we believe in Christ we can be forgiven.

But I didn’t go much beyond that and as a result I only shared half of the gospel. The other half is that once forgiven of our sins we become the children of God.

Being forgiven is good news, but the really good news is that we become the children of God.
Christians are Children of God both legally, and experientially. In God’s eyes the adoption papers have been signed and our status as His children is a done deal. Legally we are His children but it goes beyond that. He gives us His Spirit so we can experientially know we belong to Him, too. 
This message has seven points. That’s a lot but most of them I’ll go through quickly.

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