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"Paul's Testimony of Amazing Grace"

The other day I heard of a man who was sharing his testimony with some friends, telling how God had sought him and found him. How God had loved him, called him, saved him, delivered him, cleansed him, and healed him. It was a tremendous testimony to the glory of God.

After the meeting, one rather legalistic friend took him aside and said, “You know, I appreciate all that you said about what God did for you, but you didn’t mention anything about your part in it. Salvation is really part us and part God, and you should have mentioned something about your part.”

“Oh,” the man said, “I apologize. I’m sorry. I really should have mentioned that. My part was running away, and God’s part was running after me until he found me.”

I think many of us should be able to relate to this story. I'm sure the apostle Paul could. He spent his whole life pretending to be righteous, thinking he was near God when he was actually running in the opposite direction.

Paul has an amazing testimony and he shares it boldly in this section. But he doesn't share it to draw attention to himself. Paul's not the focus, God is.

In this text we see two basic reasons for Paul sharing his testimony: 1) to refute false claims and 2) to display God's amazing grace.

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