On Palm Sunday we said the goal of Psalm 118 is “to encourage us to be more thankful to the Lord for his faithful love” because the psalm begins and ends with, “O give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his faithful love endures forever.”

On Resurrection Sunday, it is also appropriate that we take time to give thanks to God for the wonderful gift he has given us in his Son Jesus. God’s faithful love for us is clearly seen in his only Son who was sent to die for us to take upon himself what we deserve. But God’s love for us is even more apparent on Resurrection Sunday when God raised Jesus from the dead. 

Jesus’ resurrection from the dead means that he conquered death for us. Paul calls Jesus’ victory over death “the first fruits” because after that first harvest, another harvest will follow and those who believe in Jesus will share in Jesus’ victory over that last enemy, death. On the last day we will all rise from the dead praising God that His faithful love endures forever.

More specifically, the goal of our text is to urge us to rejoice on the Lord’s day. Our Sunday observances may frequently be lethargic, without joy, indifferent—it’s just another day. If we go to church we may go more out of duty, or to see our friends, but where is the joy and gladness for Jesus? Our text urges us to rejoice on the Lord’s day because on that day God acted to save King Jesus from death.

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