Loma is in a high desert valley, located on the far western side of Colorado between the Utah border and the city of Grand Junction. Loma is not really a town, but has a mini-mart gas station, post office, and elementary school. Most people drive the short distance to Fruita or Grand Junction for just about everything. The church sanctuary was built in 1909, with indoor plumbing coming in 1965 when the fellowship hall, kitchen, and bathrooms were added. 

Pray for the church congregation as we desire to grow in faith. Pray that we will impact and influence our relational worlds for Christ through how we live our lives for Him. Pray for our many ministries, including yearly Vacation Bible School, weekly After School Bible Club, Youth Group, and men/women ministries. Pray for Kristin and me as we help lead this localized body of believers, striving to continually point people to The Gospel of Jesus Christ – in and through all things.