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In Chapter 5:13 the teacher spoke of the wealthy losing it all in so-called “bad ventures” which is a real fear because we don’t know everything about the future.  

But hoarding our possessions isn’t the solution he recommends. Never taking risks isn’t the answer to the uncertain world we live in. Instead, we should learn to take bold risks, yet be wise when we do so.

Life is uncertain and that may be discouraging for us. We may try to do something good and it may not work out and as a result we might be tempted to play it safe but then we also might miss out on other opportunities that God gives. 

Ecclesiastes 11:1-6 acknowledges life’s uncertainty but challenges us to take risks anyway. In fact, it’s precisely because of life’s uncertainties, and that we don’t know exactly what God will bless, that we should use every opportunity to take risks boldly but wisely.

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