Small churches might not have everything larger churches do. They don't have big budgets, packed auditoriums, and dozens of programs to meet every individual need. But there is one thing they have going for them that larger churches struggle with. Small churches are regularly reminded of how much we depend upon God.

Stephen Witmer is a small-church pastor in New England and he has written an article that I think will encourage you, if you attend a small church. He says one of the first steps towards encouragement is accepting that "Even if God brings revival, and you double from 45 to 90 people, you will still be a small church in a small place. At the point of this realization, you will have a very important choice to make..." That choice is between accepting God's gift of smallness or becoming discontented with who we are.

Witmer says, “Improve what you can. Plead with God for conversions. And then receive the weakness of your small church as a gift.” I think that is good advice and I encourage you to read the rest of the article here:

--Pastor Tim